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Rick and Karen have always been an inspiration to me.  Their love for Jesus,
and compassion for others is what it is all about.

Pastor James Gregerson, Pocatello, Idaho

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Rick is a pastor in the true sense of the word.  He genuinely cares for the sheep.   Tremendous seeds have been planted as a result of his ministry.  The Frasure's will be dearly missed by the Hawaiian community. 

Bob Papisan, Station Manager
KAAH TV 26 TBN Affiliate, Honolulu, Hawaii

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Rick and Karen Frasure were a major influence on our lives.  They taught us what it was like to have a pastor and wife that cared about you as if you were family.  They visited, prayed for us, introduced us to others, taught us, and were a part of some of the best times we've had.

Pastor Charles and Wendi Spencer
Grand Ronde Church of God of Prophecy

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They are most caring and giving people that I have ever meant.  They helped at a time in my life, when it was the darkest.  They are very unselfish people they give of their heart and love just radiates from them, because they love people so much. 

P. Wheatley, Pocatello, Idaho

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Rick & Karen Frasure's unselfishness impresses me.  I often see them minister to the outcasts and to those who cannot bless them back.  They are hard workers with compassionate hearts.

Often I have heard Pastor Rick share anointed sermons and prayers.  Their constant encouragement has motivated me to be more of a blessing to others.

Brian Trenhaile, Professional Engineer,
Hawaii Marine Company, Kaneohe, Hawaii

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I have known the Frasure family since their arrival in Hawaii eleven years ago. Rick has been my Senior Pastor for the past 6 years, and I have served as his Associate Pastor for four of those years.

Rick and I have not always had the same operating style or methodology, but we have remained bound together in common purpose and mission. We always learn from each person with whom we work. From Rick I have learned much.

Rick taught by example a passion for prayer and fasting. Rick taught by example that true compassion and empathy for hurting people requires more than lip-service. Rick taught by example that "ministry" is a sacrificial calling requiring freedom from self-will and the bondage to "stuff." Rick taught by example mercy and forbearance. Rick taught by example what it means to give all for the sake of the call. I will always appreciate those lessons and try to live up to them.

If forced to pinpoint the single most effective thing about Rick's life and ministry, I would accentuate his remarkable gift for evangelism. Rick presents the gospel in simplicity and power in such a way that hearts are prepared for the convicting ministry of the Holy Spirit. Both in one-on-one personal evangelism and in the corporate congregational setting Rick's ministry is bold, exciting and challenging. God has great things in store for the Frasure family and for those churches blessed to welcome them.

Pastor Gary Langley, garylangley@hawaii.rr.com
Windward Worship Center, Kaneohe, Hawaii

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I have only known the Frasure family for a short time, but I can tell you that their ministry has a good reputation. Sometimes it is hard to follow someone to a pastorate because there are bitter feelings, but this is not the case with the Frasures. We have had the smoothest transition that I have ever experienced in my 29 years of ministry. This kind of transition does not just happen by itself. It happens because
people are dedicated to Christ and His Church; not just to making a name for themselves! Thanks Rick, Karen, Joshua, and Andy for being such wonderful examples of Christian love and fellowship! None of us can be everything to everyone all the time, but you are giving your best I believe and that is what counts. Love and Prayers for the success of your ministry,

The David and Patricia Browder, American Samoa
CGOP Missions Director Pacific & Asia

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Rick is my little brother-in-law.  I've known him since he was a seventeen year-old football playing Christian.  He has proved himself to be a man of prayer for the last 25 years.   Karen has proven herself to be a woman of patience and great kindness.

When I was facing some serious life threatening problems (a broken back in four places, four broken ribs, and a broken right collar bone) after a major car accident,  Rick and Karen Frasure and many wonderful Christian saints spent day and night fasting and praying for me.   God was merciful and I was completely healed and they were all blessed  (although at times, I'm sure they wondered about that).  Rick has told me several times that he saw his first angel on his way to pray for me in the hospital.

 I thank the Lord for Rick and Karen and the times they made sacrifices in their personal lives to help me and many of their other friends and family.  It's not always easy for us to go the extra mile but they both have gone the full distance for me and in their walk with the Lord.

Susan I. Frasure, Pocatello, Idaho

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Thank you so much for all your kind words to us on the March here in Pocatello.  I really appreciate you!!  I am looking so forward to you moving here and getting to know you and your family.  I have heard so many wonderful things about you guys!!!   And I am really looking forward to you coming to also help me with Holy (Holt) Arena!!!!  God is already mobilizing people for that awesome vision!!!!!  Thank you so much again for ALL of your prayers and encouragement.  Lord Bless you all!!

Lord, I ask that you would bless Pastor Rick and his family.  I ask that you would continue to use them more to bring more glory to Your Name Lord!!  I ask for MORE of You  in them and the ministry that You have called them to.  I ask Lord that You would bless the March for Jesus there in Hawaii, Lord. Draw people out of their homes and businesses to see You Lord.  Let there be salvation's, healings, deliverance, and freedom Lord!  Freedom to worship You an only You!!  Lord, guard and protect Everyone involved with the March there in Hawaii.  Bless everyone there Lord.   We LOVE you and WORSHIP You, Lord!!!  Hallelujah!!!!!  Praise You Lord!!!!  In Jesus mighty, Holy, Name, Amen

In His Love, Tina Cherry, May 22, 1999
March for Jesus-Pocatello, ID

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