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Welcome to our ministry page!

Please enjoy our web site.  We have included many pictures, links and other items to make it both informative and a blessing.  E-mail us if you need prayer, counseling or more information about us.

Rick & Karen Frasure - Leading Worship

We are going to outreach in Israel during March 18-30, 2015.  We expect the Lord to supernaturally work through our ministry.  Our team will work on the streets of Tel Aviv and Jaffa blessing orphans and refugees. We will be able to give the army soldiers a solar-powered Bible with the whole Gospel!

Any prayer or financial assistance would be most appreciated.   We pray that God's blessings be multiplied back to you. We also thank you for your prayer support and send you each our love.  Gifts to Bethel Mission Trips are tax deductable.  Shalom!

To Give to Rick Frasure's Israel Outreach Click Here

To Give to Karen Frasure's Israel Outreach Click this Text

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Mission Statement

Our mission statement is summarized by the acronym HIS.  The meaning of each letter is described below:

bulletH is for honesty before God and man.
bulletI symbolizes integrity before God and man. 
bulletS represents service to God and man.

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Our ministry spans over three decades.  After pastoring for over 21 years we are entering a new phase of God's calling for our lives.  He is calling us to be more active in evangelistic outreaches through an itinerate ministry.  He is calling us to minister to all the Body of Christ so we are adopting more of an interdenominational approach to our activities.  God has called us to minister to the world with heart for the lost and the hurting.

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Bethel Mission Trips
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