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Believing and Risk

By Dr. Peter Wade, Published: 26th May 2008

     The word “believe” is a nugget of pure gold, whether you take our English word or John’s word lying underneath. The underneath word, that John uses in his own mother tongue, runs a sliding scale of meaning.

    It’s a ladder rising from bottom round to topmost. It means to be persuaded that a thing is true; then to place confidence in it, to trust. And trust always contains the idea of risk. The heart-meaning always is that you risk something very precious to you, risk it to the point of heart-breaking disaster if your trust proves wrong.

    Our English word is of very close kin. It runs the same sort of sliding scale, from something valuable and precious in itself, on to something that satisfies you regarding the matter in hand. You are not only satisfied but pleased, content. And so there is the same trusting and risking, the same leaning your whole weight upon the thing. Deep down at its root, believe is a close kinsman to love. They both spring out of the same warm creative womb.

    When we dig a bit into that word believe in the usage of common life it means three distinct things, each leading straight into the other — knowledge, belief, trust. That is, facts, facts accepted, facts trusted in regard to something that takes hold of your life. You hear something. You believe it’s true. But there must be the third thing, risking something valuable. There’s no belief in the heart-meaning without this thing of risking. The trust that risks is the life blood of faith. The rest is only the bony skeleton with tendons and sinews and flesh. There’s no life without the blood. There’s no belief without trust.

    From Quiet Talks on John’s Gospel by S.D. Gordon.