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Various authors share about experiencing God's wonderful presence by knowing Jesus Christ personally through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Leon Hiebert

Pastor Leon HiebertPastor Leon Hiebert is rich in practical ministry experience. Leon was raised in Kansas and was preparing for ministry at Central Bible College when the Lord directed him to join the US Navy.  While in the Navy, the Lord told him, He would show Leon the place for his ministry. After four years as a US Navy hospital corpsman, including a tour in Viet Nam with the Third Marine Division, Leon still had no further direction from the Lord.  He re-enlisted for 6 years and six months later was stationed in Hawaii where he served out that enlistment.  About a year before his enlistment was up, Leon was elected as the pastor of Bayview Chapel Assembly of God in Kaneohe, Hawaii.  After released from the US Navy, Leon remained as pastor for about 14 years at which time the Lord specifically led him to Andover, Kansas where he pastored the Assembly of God church for 20 years.

Leon loves to discover truth about the character of God.  He loves to see things as God sees them and to consider how God feels about things happening around him.  His goal is to make God smile.  God made Leon a happy person and Leon wants to make God a happy God.

Andover Assembly of God, now Generations Church A/G, is led by Senior Pastor Dayton Poe who served the church for 6 years as youth pastor. Leon now serves as the Community Care Pastor.  Leon conducts a weekly service at the local retirement center.  He is a chaplain for the Andover Police and Fire Departments and is active in several community activities.

Today Leon’s primary ministry is the daily journal, SOAP (scripture, observation, application, prayer), that he posts on FaceBook and sends out via email.  With Pastor Dayton’s direction, Leon reluctantly abandoned his old devotional plan and started following the SOAP outline in October 2009.  Pastor Dayton had discovered this devotional plan from Wayne Cordiero in Hawaii and he wanted to introduce it to our congregation.  A few “SOAPs” were posted on FaceBook and response from readers helped Leon realize that a new area of ministry had opened.  These are Leon’s personal devotions and those reading them are eavesdropping on what God is saying to Leon.  It is amazing to find that God is often speaking to many of us about the same thing.   Besides selected soaps listed on this web site, more of Pastor Leon's Soaps are available daily at his blog.

These SOAPs are getting more and more popular.  They are now available in three languages, besides English they are also available in Tamil (South India) and in Bangla (Bangladesh).

Leon lives in Andover, Kansas with his wife, Sharon and his son, Doron.  Special times in their home are any time Taelyn, their granddaughter, is able to be with them.  This happens once a week, and on special weeks, twice!